The Beaches at Saint Nazaire 30.07.2016

Far from being an industrial outpost, Saint-Nazaire is a great destination for those who love the beach but don’t want to be far from the action.

Rebuilt after World war II, the urban landscape is contemporary with several buildings listed as ‘20th Century Heritage’. Vestiges of the past still remain and you can find some elegant villas from as early as the 1880s - testament to the history of this dynamic city.

The local coastline is dotted with 20 small beaches, protected by rocky promontories. The views are breathtaking: to one side is the sea and to the other the occasional bunker, serving as a reminder of the harsh 20th century history of the city.

Saint-Nazaire is a great holiday destination for families; you can surf, stroll or just soak-up the sun. It’s safe and accessible: there are lifeguards on the main beaches and special equipment is available for those with disabilities. 

Saint-Nazaire Tourist Office

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