The island of Yeu 23.07.2016

The Île d'Yeu is a 23 km² island on the Atlantic coast. The island has a rugged coastline that's a listed natural site, steep cliffs topped by an old castle and countless creeks bathed in turquoise water. 

The hilly, rocky southwest is reminiscent of islands off the coast of Brittany. The northeast of the Island of Yeu has a gentler landscape, with a line of sand dunes providing safe, lovely beaches that are ideal for families.

Nature is at its best showcasing migratory birds, rare flowers, megaliths and imposing cliffs. You can explore the 14th Century old castle, the small ports and the fishing hamlets with their white cottages and brightly painted shutters. 

The Island of Yeu still has an active fishing port with a picturesque ambience which is typical of true islands. Seafood plays a starring role in the island’s cuisine, including tuna rillettes and pâté and smoked fish.

The GR 80 hiking trail takes walkers right round the island on coastal paths.

To get to Yeu, take the ferry from Fromentine or Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie; the crossing takes 30 to 60 minutes.

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