Food and drink specialities 03.11.2016

Food and drink specialities to taste while visiting the Pays de la Loire:

Préfou from Vendée : a kind of garlic bread, which can also be found filled with other ingredients such as cheese, eaten as an aperitif.

- Mogettes de Vendée: white beans, very often cooked in a tomato sauce.

- 'Beurre blanc': a butter sauce made with white wine and is the perfect accompaniment for fish, originating in the Nantes/Angers area.

- Muscadet-flavoured sausages

- Rillauds d'Anjou: pork belly cooked in fat

- Rillettes from Le Mans : shredded pork paté

- Vendée Ham

- Boudin noir aux pommes from the Mayenne : Black pudding

- Fouaces (or Fouées): wood-fired oven cooked bread rolls filled with various ingredients.

- Plum paste from Angers : plum patisserie

- Gâteau Nantais: almond and rum cake

- Sablés sarthois: Biscuits

- Brioche Vendéenne / Gâche

- Troussepinette: an aperitif, a marriage between wine, eau de vie (50% alcohol spirit distilled from fermented fruits), sugar and various hedgerow products. 

- Kamok: Coffee liquor

Cointreau: famous orange liquor produced in Angers since 1849.  

- Nantes sweets: Berlingots de Nantes and Rigolettes nantaises


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