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Thierry Drapeau
Thierry Drapeau
Thierry Drapeau
Thierry Drapeau
Thierry Drapeau
Thierry Drapeau

Steps away from the monument to the Vendéen Great War, the Logis de la Chabotterie is the ‘pièce de resistance’ featuring Thierry Drapeau’s Michelin award winning (2 macarons) restaurant.

The Thierry Drapeau restaurant is at the hub of the luxury 4* Chabotterie Logis hotel. Chef Thierry has an innovative, creative flair and uses only the best local produce. His fine dining is a sensual experience: an explosion of taste and colour inspired by beautiful flowers. This master chef's extraordinary style will turn your culinary expectations upside down!

Breakfast is like a 'Cirque du Soleil' masterpiece. A 3-course meal materialises in front of you comprising a vitamin rush, followed by a sweet treat with a savoury finale: a spectacle conjured-up by a choreographed crew. 

Each dish is a masterpiece art and flavour... a feast for all your senses!

The chef uses only the finest ingredients and sources the best of products in the Vendée and the surrounding area, tranforming them with artistic alchemy into delicious dishes. He has surrounded himself with an expert team, featuring resident boulanger Maxime Lerin, who is happy to share his knowledge and experience.

This flower chef transcends 'French cuisine' and offers an unparalled, world-class dining experience.

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