Maulévrier: the ‘Oriental Park’ Night Garden 12.06.2016

Covering over 70 acres, the Maulévrier Oriental Park is the largest Japanese garden in Europe.

It surprises visitors with its extraordinary botanical and architectural setting, its history, its symbolism and the Japanese art of shaping their trees. The result is a sleek and streamlined landscape, with nothing to obstruct the view. The Park contains about 300 species of plants like azaleas, camellias, rhododendrons, Japanese maples and many others. Maulévrier Park has a permanent exhibition of bonsai and pottery. A 200m2 greenhouse contains carnivorous plants, indoor bonsai and a large selection of tropical and subtropical bonsai. In the garden of the Pagoda, the stream of water symbolises the cycle of life from birth to death.

The park has an altogether different ambiance at night. The walks are filled with music and poetry reflecting the spirit of night visits to Japanese gardens. Paths between shadows and ambient light are reminiscent of yin and yang and the lights emphasise rather than illuminate the features of the park such as a specific tree or a perspective of the garden.
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