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Château d'Angers2 promenade du Bout du Monde49100 ANGERSFRANCE

Phone :  02 41 86 48 77

Fax : 02 41 87 17 50

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Made from wool, woven using the low-warp technique and completely reversible, the tapestry measures on average 103m in length and 4.5m in height (width). It is an interpretation of the 1st Century AD religious manuscript of the visions of St. John (the final text of the New Testament). It is a poignant commentary on the historical, social and political context of 14th Century France, at the time of the Hundred Years War and of epidemics and hunger across Europe.

Subject to extensive damage during late 18th and early 19th centuries, when it was disfigured, abandoned and dispersed, the tapestry was reassembled and restored by Canon Joubert in the mid-19th Century.

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The Monday from 09h30 to 18h30
The Tuesday from 09h30 to 18h30
The Wednesday from 09h30 to 18h30
The Thursday from 09h30 to 18h30
The Friday from 09h30 to 18h30
The Saturday from 09h30 to 18h30
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The Monday from 10h to 17h30
The Tuesday from 10h to 17h30
The Wednesday from 10h to 17h30
The Thursday from 10h to 17h30
The Friday from 10h to 17h30
The Saturday from 10h to 17h30
The Sunday from 10h to 17h30


  • Historic site and monument

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  • Yes

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  • Groupe people number: 60


  • Labels : Vignobles et découvertes

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  • Yes

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  • Yes

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  • Description: moins de 26 ans

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  • Tarif min: 9
    Tarif max: 9
    Description: Adultes

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