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14 rue du Musée49100 ANGERSFRANCE

Phone :  02 41 05 38 00

Fax : 02 41 05 38 09

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Presentation :

The museum offers two permanent exhibitions: the "Beaux-arts du XIVe au XXIe siècle" (fine art from the 14th - 21st Century, paintings and sculptures) and "Histoire d'Angers", (the history of Angers, archaeology and art objects from the Neolithic period to the present day). A link between the past and the present, it also provides the opportunity to view temporary art and heritage exhibitions. The museum conducts guided tours, writing workshops, student nights and stages many special events.

Opening hours :

The Tuesday from 10h to 18h
The Wednesday from 10h to 18h
The Thursday from 10h to 18h
The Friday from 10h to 18h
The Saturday from 10h to 18h
The Sunday from 10h to 18h


  • Museum

Accueil de groupes:

  • Yes

Groupe people number:

  • Min: 10
    Groupe people number: 30


  • Labels : La Loire à véloLabels : Musée de France

Visites groupes- visites guidées en permanence:

  • Yes

Visites groupes - durée moyenne de la visite:

  • Visites groupes - durée moyenne de la visite: 1h30

Visites libres proposées aux groupes en permanence:

  • Yes

Visites groupes- visites pédagoqiques:

  • Yes

Basic price - full adult price:

  • Tarif min: 4
    Tarif max: 4

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  • Payement modes : Cheques and postal ordersPayement modes : Credit card

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  • Langue(s) pratiquée(s) : EnglishLangue(s) pratiquée(s) : French

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  • Langues de visite : FrenchLangues de visite : EnglishLangues de visite : Spanish
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