Presentation :

Relive the history of military engineering through both chronological and themed areas.

Explore the know-how of sappers from Ancient times to the present day. The museum exhibits maps, engravings, paintings, weapons, uniforms and models alongside films and interactive screens.

Opening hours :

The Wednesday from 13h30 to 18h
The Thursday from 13h30 to 18h
The Friday from 13h30 to 18h
The Saturday from 13h30 to 18h
The Sunday from 13h30 to 18h


  • Museum

Accueil de groupes:

  • Yes

Groupe people number:

  • Min: 10
    Groupe people number: 50

Visites groupes- visites guidées en permanence:

  • Yes

Visites libres proposées aux groupes en permanence:

  • Yes

Visites groupes- visites pédagoqiques:

  • Yes

Basic price - full adult price:

  • Tarif min: 4
    Tarif max: 4
    Description: Adultes

Payement modes:

  • Payement modes : Cheques and postal ordersPayement modes : Credit card

Langue(s) pratiquée(s):

  • Langue(s) pratiquée(s) : EnglishLangue(s) pratiquée(s) : French

Langues de visite:

  • Langues de visite : FrenchLangues de visite : EnglishLangues de visite : Spanish
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