2017 Michelin starred restaurants 11.02.2017

The Pays de la Loire now has 17 one-starred restaurants and 4 two-starred restaurants!

In Vendée , Xavier Giraudet, chef at La Robe restaurant in Montaigu and Xavier Coutand, chef at the Genêts Restaurant in Brem-sur-Mer have just received their first Michelin star. Alexandre Couillon at La Marine restaurant on the Isle of Noirmoutier and Thierry Drapeau in Saint Sulpice le Verdon have both kept their 2 stars. Jean-Marc Pérochon in Brétignolles-sur-Mer and Sébastien Bonavita at the Cayola restaurant in Château-d'Olonne have kept their Michelin star.

In Maine-et-Loire , Thibaut Ruggieri at Fontevraud Abbey restaurant and David Guitton, from the Table de la Bergerie restaurant in Champ-sur-Layon restaurant have also recently received their first Michelin star.

There aren't any newly starred restaurants in the SartheLoire-Atlantique  and Mayenne , but the Michelin starred chefs have all kept their previous stars.