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Village de Souzay depuis l'île de Souzay - Anjou

4 great reasons to discover the Routes des Vins wine trails

Among the many treasures to be found in the Pays de la Loire, the Routes des Vins in the Loire Valley are definitely high up on the list! Read below our four reasons for exploring the Routes des Vins, and get the most out of this big region full of surprises!

1. Have some great days out exploring different winegrowing areas

By bike, on foot, by car, canoe or even in a traditional riverboat known as a gabare, there are many ways to explore the Pays de la Loire! Whether you prefer a day trip or a break lasting several days, the different circuits available offer you an opportunity to explore the vineyards at your own pace.

As a family, a couple or with friends, the Routes des Vins invite you to explore the Loir Valley, Vignoble de Nantes, Fiefs Vendéens and Vignobles d’Anjou-Saumur.

The Vignoble de Nantes is one of the largest winegrowing areas in the Loire Valley. Amid Muscadet vines, lakes and rivers, the trail takes you through wine estates and natural heritage sites. For lovers of dry white wines, this is a must!

Wine enthusiasts with more diverse tastes should head for the wine estates of Anjou-Saumur. With red, white, rosé and even semi-sparkling (or pétillant) wines, you are bound to find something to delight your palate.

If you like a fruity white, then the Loir Valley (without the ‘e’) is for you. Try a glass of Jasnières or Coteaux-du-Loir at a local winery, and enjoy a lovely cycle ride through the Chenin vineyards!

The Fiefs Vendéens vineyards produce mostly light, young wines. This trail is an opportunity to get some sea air on the beautiful Atlantic beaches, visit typical villages and explore the nearby Marais Poitevin marshes. A circuit offering some attractive contrasts.

Chahaignes - Vallée du Loir - Photo J. Damase Le Cellier - Saint-Méen - Photo A. Lamoureux

2. Encounter some beautiful landscapes and unmissable activities along the way!

The Routes des Vins are not just a wine trail. Stop off along the way to explore the city of Nantes, admire the sunset from the Château of Saumur, be awestruck by the cave dwelling village of Rochemenier, or feel the sand between your toes on the beaches of the Atlantic coast.

Along the way, you will pass through some remarkable landscapes, soaking in the Atlantic coast, the Loire, rivers, caves, vineyards and châteaux.

The trails present a selection of points of interest, but don’t hesitate to stray off the beaten track – the region has other sites that are worth visiting too.

Plage de Sauveterre à Olonne-sur-Mer - Photo A. Lamoureux-Vendée Expansion Les Machines de l'Ile - Photo Les Love-trotteurs

3. Taste world-class AOC-labelled wines and lesser-known gems

Muscadet, Saumur, Jasnières, Coteaux-de-Loir, Anjou… The wines on the Routes des Vins are lively, fresh and elegant. In the Pays de la Loire, you will come across some top-quality, world-famous AOC-labelled wines, and also some little gems!

And the region is full of specialities that perfect accompany the wines. Take our word for it: the gastronomy of the Pays de la Loire is worth the detour! Try rillettes du Mans with a glass of red, or salt-crusted bass with a glass of Savennières. And for dessert, why not push the boat out with a typical plum pie (pâté aux prunes), washed down with a Coteaux-du-Layon?

The prestigious wine houses will leave you some happy wine-tasting memories. Meanwhile, you are bound to be impressed by the smaller wineries, which certainly hold their own against their larger neighbours! If you are here in August or autumn, be sure to stop off by the vineyards to watch the grapes being harvested.

Photo J.Ph Berlose - CEMJIKA Dégustation

4. Meet local winegrowers and artisans

In the Loire Valley, you will find not only a region, but down-to-earth, genuine people who are passionate about their trades.

Meet a winegrower, visit a restaurant kitchen or watch a potter at work on their latest sculpture. Makers of cheeses and other local products will be delighted to offer you a taste of their specialities. Winegrowers, restaurateurs, artisans and producers all share the same passion for their region.

On the Routes des Vins, such encounters promise to be an enjoyable, stimulating experience!

Domaine des Génaudières - Le Cellier - Photo A. Lamoureux  


Discover the map of the Routes des Vins in the Loire Valley:


  • Voyage dans le vignoble de Nantes
  • Arpentez les routes de Vendée et appréciez les vins des Fiefs Vendéens
  • Explorez la Vallée du Loir pour goûter à ses vins blancs fruités 
  • Visitez les vignobles d’Anjou Saumur !

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