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The Maine river between two bell towers


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This pleasant walk is used to connect the two towers of Commons Aigrefeuille Remouillé and taking the old railway line that ran from Nantes Rocheservière. The cool banks of the Maine and Gorgeat through the campaign cheminsde, the walk offers two views on the churches and Aigrefeuille Remouillé. A nice tour with varied landscapes to discover with family or friends. Follow the guide: Depart Remouillé: Church Square where the Chapel Garreau. Down "low road" to the bottom, turn right and continue to the Chapel of St. Margaret. Crossing the RD 137 (caution), the path leads you across to Maine. Take the left path to move to the "space of Maine" and then turn right at the parking lot to reach the river banks. 1 Follow the path to the Gorgeat stream, cross the bridge and go straight along the Maine. Continue until the coating plant, around the bridge and reach the Guidreau. 2 Cross the D117 (caution), and then continue across to find the path laid down on the side of the RD137. The follow up to the entrance of the village of Aigrefeuille. 3 At the roundabout, entering the town of Aigrefeuille (Vendée Avenue) and turn left on the road to Vieillevigne (D7). Continue straight and let the small pond on your right. 4 Turn left then to the station. Through the subdivision, then continue on the grassy path that branches off to the right. At the end of the road, turn left onto the small road to the Cross Mustard, then go to the right on the rest area. After the rest stop, turn right onto Lower chair. 5 then take the first left between the houses. You are on the old railway Nantes Rocheservière. Continue straight until Etabières. 6 Turn then left to return to the Gorgeat.Passer through the subdivision and use the passage built in the D137. Then continue along the Gorgeat, then turn right on the bridge and continue until the establishment of the Church. Starting Aigrefeuille-sur-Maine: Departure from the parking Tanneries. Join the circuit in Section 3 and refer to the description above to reach the gateway Gorgeat 1. Turn left after the bridge and continue to the starting point.
Type of routes/Nature of route
Promenade et Randonnée (PR) footpath
Departure town
Arrival town
10 Km
Means of transport
Walking, difficulty level: Average, duration: 2h30min
Colour of tag
Type of road surfacing
57% on dirt road
office de tourisme du vignoble de nantes
office de tourisme du vignoble nantes
office de tourisme du vignoble de nantes
office de tourisme du vignoble de nantes

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