Le Mans 24H museum 15.10.2016

Le Mans is known for its 24 Hour Race.

The race began in 1923 and has been drawing huge crowds ever since. Every 2 years is the Le Mans classic : original cars or identical models to those that participated between 1923 and 1979 compete on the 24 hour track. You can see more than 8,000 vintage and prestige cars on display.


You can also visit the Musée des 24 heures , the museum devoted to this famous race, depicting its most glorious moments. Here you will see the heroes and winners of the 24 hour race, live the legend and immerse yourself in the ambiance of the race. You can learn about all the professionals and volunteers who make this legendary event happen. You will see how the Sarthe and, in particular, the Bollée family was a driving force in automotive innovation. The Mancelle, invented by Bollée, is the oldest car in the museum. You’ll be amazed by the collection of vintage cars from all over Europe and America. 
The visit is great for families; ‘Leon’ the museum mascot introduces special kids’ events and helps children discover the history of the 24 hour race in an interactive way.

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Nantes © J.D Billaud/Nautilus

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