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Mountain bike in the Mancelles Alps © Jean-Eric Rubio
Mountain bike in the Mancelles Alps © Jean-Eric Rubio
The Mancelles Alps © G.Durand
Vélocéan - Piriac-sur-Mer © J.M Mouchet
The Island of Yeu © V.Joncheray
Loir Valley © Stevan Lira - Vallée du Loir
Loir Valley © Stevan Lira - Vallée du Loir

Discovering Noirmoutier and the Isle of Yeu
As you approach the pier on the Isle of Yeu, you will find lots of plafces to hire bicycles. From here you can follow a well laid-out path around this picture postcard little island.
If you set off from Noirmoutier, you can ‘saddle up’ and follow excursions through villages, marshes, dunes and forests.

> Further information about cycling on the Isles of Noirmoutier and Yeu, and around Vendée


Vélocéan: A taste of the Atlantic
The route from Piriac-sur-Mer to Les Moutiers-en-Retz takes you through breath-taking landscapes. You can follow safe and perfectly adapted cycle paths winding between the ocean and the salt marshes – a magical tour!



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The Sarthe River at Beaumont-sur-Sarthe © G.Durand

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© J. Damase - La Vélo Francette®

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