The Terre de Sel Museum 08.10.2016

The world’s finest salt is produced around the Terre de Sel Museum  in Guérande . Learn how salt water evaporates with wind and sun. Over the centuries, man and the ocean have shaped the Guérande peninsula into the most northerly salt marshes in Europe. From Guérande in the south to Assérac in the north, they stretch for over 2,000 hectares of clay soil across 9 communes, forming a real “marine meadow”.

Tradition has also travelled through time, preserving the harvesting techniques suited to this special type of environment. Today's salt workers, now grouped together in a cooperative, have managed to combine tradition and modernity. A unique geographical and geological location, combined with a highly demanding view of the job, have given rise to a natural product that is proud of its quality: Guérande Salt !

Guided tours in English are available.

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