Echologia 08.01.2017

Echologia is a unique project that brings you back to nature in a totally ‘green’ environment. The concept is based on a mix of water, ecology and heritage and has been awarded the ‘Trophée national du tourism responsible’.

A once derelict and dangerous limestone quarry and buildings have been transformed into an idyllic sustainable leisure destination of over 70 ha with 7 lakes. 

Entering Echologia is like being transported into another world. The site, where visitors can learn much about their environment, has an abundance of flora and fauna and is dedicated to man living in harmony with nature.

Different kinds of accommodation to choose from: a tipi, a yurt, a trapper’s cabin, a cabin on the cliff, a floating cabin or even the cabin ‘Dingue’ which balances on a metal ‘promontory’ above a lake! 

You can practice archery or orienteering, take walks, swim in a natural pool or canoe on the lake. You don’t need to go anywhere else, there is a restaurant and shop on site and there are organic markets, rallies and entertainment.

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