The Bioparc zoo 30.06.2016

The Bioparc zoo at Doué-la-Fontaine is an exceptional zoo in unique surroundings which mix tropical luxuriance and troglodyte caves.

The Bioparc is a perfect destination for the whole family. There are over 1000 animals, including red pandas, Cape penguins and Sumatran tigers. A land of discoveries, home to 70 species of animals in an amazing primeval setting, teeming with exotic vegetation. The spectacular caves created from former limestone quarries create a natural haven sheltering rare and beautiful wildlife. The Bioparc is much more than a 'zoo' or attraction, it is a commitment to the conservation of endangered species.

It's heritage and reputation is internationally recognised. In 1961, Louis Gay created the 'Zoo des Minières', one of the first private zoos in France. More than 50 years and two generations later, the zoo became the 'Bioparc de Doué-la-Fontaine', a living park, where animals and humans from all over the world come together to share their love of wildlife.

Don't miss the 'Great South American Aviary': the largest aviary in Europe with over 500 birds, a blaze of colour, with macaws, flamingos, ibis, penguins and more! For those who dare, walk with the vultures and watch them swoop on their prey. Then marvel at the giant Amazonian otters and watch the primates at play on their own island.

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